This Is Why You Lost Her


Relationships are complex because we’re complex human beings. Everybody likes to be in love, but not everyone knows to keep the person they love in their lives.

Having a life partner isn’t always easy. It requires effort, sacrifice, compromise, chunks of your precious time. It’s a struggle. Sometimes we lose people we really care about because we stop appreciating them. Read on to find out why you lost her.

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You know there’s a moment in your relationship that changed everything. Maybe you started distancing yourself from your lover, maybe you’re colder, maybe you’re not that much around anymore. And then it all comes crashing down and you wonder what happened. You try on and on to find an answer for your failed relationship. There are many reasons why you lost her, but here are some of them:

You lost her when you started taking her for granted

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Being taken for granted sucks. It’s when the other person just imagines you’ll be forever in their life no matter how bad they treat you. It’s when they no longer care to make you feel appreciated, when they no longer chase you. Remember those days when he used to come to your door, with flowers and chocolate, when he’d ask you out, when he made you feel like you were the queen? When he made you feel like you were all that mattered to him?

It happens oh too often for people to forget about the chasing and the flirting and the conquering once they feel they’ve got what they wanted. If it happened to you too, join the club. There’s a sea of people out there who have been taken for granted. Remember it’s not your fault.

When you made her feel like she’s not worth it

If you make her feel like she’s the most wonderful person you’ve ever met only to seduce her, then you don’t deserve her. There are people who make their partner feel they’re worth it but once they discover they’re human and therefore imperfect just like everyone else, things change. So you lost her when you made her feel inferior, when you stopped telling her and showing her how amazing she is.

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When you mistook her kindness for weakness

In the world we live in, sometimes kindness and weakness are sadly confused. When she catered to your needs, when she offered her help and support, when she made you dinner, you took that for something else. You failed to see that she was caring for you any way she could, and saw her as available all the time. She was kind and vulnerable with you, but you only thought she was weak.

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