What You Should Know If You’re in Love With an Introvert

Being an introvert is not always easy. Especially when you’re in a relationship and you want things to go well long-term. This is why learning about introversion can be very empowering for everyone because there are many introverts out there.

Relationships are complex as they are and communication may sometimes prove faulty. When one of the partners is an introvert, things may get more complicated at times. But real conversations can prove to be an excellent tool for learning how introverts think, act and view the world.

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Like many other things, introversion and extroversion are not exactly opposite binaries. They are part of a continuum. Let’s not forget that some people can be both.

So can we understand better our introverted partners? How do we react when they tell us they need more space or that they want to spend their weekends in solitude?

Many people who don’t understand how introverts operate in this world would call someone who just wants to spend more time with themselves selfish. But the truth is introverts need time on their own to recharge their batteries and to make sense of some recent events. Reflecting more on what’s going on around them helps them cope with everyday situations.

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Remember that if they ask for more space, it’s not necessarily because you are needy or suffocating, but because this is how they refresh themselves. That way they will have their spirits up next time you’re together.

The best way to work out issues in the relationship, regardless of their nature, is to talk about them at length. Consider explaining your partner that being an introvert is not exactly a choice. You can also mention the fact that not all introverts behave the same way in relationships.

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We all know that introverted people are great empaths but also wonderful listeners. They are always ready to offer support and understanding to their loved one. But it’s equally important to try and express our needs and feelings so that our partner may understand us too.

Are you an introvert or in love with one? Share with us some of your experiences!