What Your Favorite Color Says About Who You Are

There are many personality tests out there that can reveal your darkest secrets and so on. But did you know that the colors you pick have something to do with our personality traits? We don’t know the exact science behind this, but psychology tells us a few interesting things about people who prefer one color over another. Read this to find out what your favorite color says about who you are.

Fun fact before we get started: did you know that we actually see in 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue? All the other colors are just combinations of two of these primary colors. So here we go now!


People who like black are usually artistic, creative and rather sensitive. Some of them can be introverts. They are detail-oriented and usually have a hard time opening up.


We often associate white with innocence and purity. People who are drawn to this color are usually organized and like things fresh and neat.


People have no problem with comparing you to a sunshine. If you enjoy this color, you are committed and responsible when it comes to human relationships. You don’t have a hard time finding happiness.


Red is the color of passion. These people tend to be more passionate and vibrant. They are determined and confident and know how to live their life to the fullest.


Blue lovers enjoy harmony and stability above all. They are often reliable, but also spiritual, empathetic, and idealistic. They fall in love easily.


People who love green are intellectuals and usually introverted. They prefer calm and serene settings and are always curious and affectionate when it comes to romance.


Orange lovers are very witty and playful. They always look on the bright side of things and are full of energy. These people are also open-minded and generous.


People who choose purple are very charismatic and sensitive. They are also gentle and peaceful in all life’s areas.

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