You’re Doing Fine. Just Remember Everything Always Happens For A Reason

So you’ve reached the fantastic age of adulthood and you’re still not sure where you’re heading. As a teenager, you thought that by this time, you’ll have everything figured out in your life. A plan, a purpose, the white picket fence, the love of your life. But things are uncertain for you now. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up giving your life a purpose and meaning.

You may have felt recently that things haven’t exactly settled in your life, but on the contrary: it’s hell breaking loose, complete chaos, things are really spinning out of control. One way of looking at all this is by putting a twist on it. Think of it this way: you are living on the edge, life is also fun and adventurous, especially when you have to face the unknown.

You’ve always been taught about making the right choices, taking the right decisions, always going in the right direction. And you struggle every day with this and yet it feels you’re not making any progress at all. Guess what? This is it. This is the right direction, the path you’re supposed to take. If you are here now, striving to make it work, it’s for a reason.

All your past choices and struggles have brought you to this point and made you who you are.

Which is someone who is committed to making the most out of their time on Earth. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Whenever you think you’re not going anywhere, take a deep breath and think of this: of course you are. Baby steps count, especially when you’re doing something you like or being connected to the people you love.

Besides, it’s absolutely natural to not know exactly what you want to do with your life. We’ve all been through this and it only makes us wiser, stronger, focused. Some bad things will always happen to you or around you because life is unpredictable. But this is also the reason why the best is also yet to come.

You will laugh, make new friends, fall in love again. Learn to go with the flow and to listen to your gut as often as you can. Your body sometimes knows before you do what course of action you should take.

I would tell you to be brave, but I know you already are. Trust that no matter what you do, life will somehow work itself out in the end. And never forget that everything happens for a reason. Please share this!