10 Signs You’ve Made A Mistake And Let The Wrong Person Go

How do we actually know we’ve made the right choice after we broke up with someone? Are we really better off without them or we’ve just pushed away the love of our lives? Maybe you’re still clinging to the last relationship because you’ve been feeling lonely lately. But what if there’s more to it than loneliness or attachment?

Here are 10 signs you may have let the wrong person go:

1. You still think about this person. A lot

They’re basically on your mind every day, ever since you decided to separate. They say “out of sight, out of mind”, but you truly feel this doesn’t apply to you. This person is still a constant presence in your life, even if they’re not physically with you.

2. You still have to meet someone who will impress you more

Or at least just as much. The truth is they’ve raised the bar pretty high. And ever since you broke up, you haven’t found anyone else that would meet your expectations, like they did.

3. If this person needed you, you would do anything to help them

If they came to ask you for help, you would not think twice. That’s because you still want the best for them and care about their well-being.

4. They have made you a better person

You sudden begin to realize you were a better human being when you were in a relationship with them. They inspired you to help others and they had an impact on your decision to adopt healthier habits.

5. You have never loved anyone more deeply

Realizing this can feel quite overwhelming. But looking back, you now know that your love for this person was the most intense feeling that someone could have for another human being.

6. Your life was never better without them than it was with them

When you think about the happiest time of your life, they suddenly spring to mind. Things were just better back then and you want those good ol’ days back.

7. Each time you think of this person, you start smiling out of the blue

But then your smile is shadowed by a deep sadness, a bittersweet aftertaste. If this happens to you, then you really let go of happiness.

8. You realize the chemistry between you two was outrageous

It was the best love-making of your life because there was just crazy attraction between you. More than words can describe.

9. You realize it’s too late but you wish it weren’t

You’re thinking you can’t mend things because you separated a long time ago. But is it actually too late? Does love have an expiration date?

10. There is something in your gut telling you to get back in touch with them, tell them how you really feel

This is entirely up to you. But if you’ve checked most of the signs above, and you’re still not over them, take a chance. Maybe there is still hope. Where there’s love, there’s always a way. Please share this!