10 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’


For ages people have been studying dogs’ behavior in order to find out how they communicate. They discovered that your dog says ‘I love you’ in so many different and surprising ways.

The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable. It is something so special to have a puppy by your side, whom you adore and can’t wait to get back home to. Cuddling with your dog on the couch, waking up and feeling their adorable wet nose on your face, seeing their worried eyes when they sense that you are upset – all these feelings are what makes being a dog owner such a wonderful experience.

However, your dog says ‘I love you’ not only by licking you and playing with you, but in a lot more different and subtle ways.

Have you ever noticed the way your puppy stares at you? Or the way they wig their tail whenever when you come home? My dog even pees himself a little whenever someone he loved arrives at home. His happiness is so obvious it’s contagious. I literally cannot be upset in his presence. Whenever I get a little sad or worried he immediately comes to me and does whatever it takes to make me laugh or at least help me display a little smile.

Dogs are simply great. They’re a big part of the reason why we should be incredibly grateful.

How Your Dog Says I Love You

We did our homework and found other lovely things our dogs do when they want to tell us they care for us. Here are some of them:

By staring directly into your eyes.

You kinda get lost in them when they do that, don’t you? We know, the way they look at us is so precious!

By leaning on you.

What they’re saying when they come to you and lean on you is that they want to show you all of their love with this simple gesture.

By cuddling with you after a meal.

Or simply by cuddling with you anytime they get the chance to, in the evenings, in the mornings. They don’t care about the time of the day as long as they get to have you close.

By watching you leave calmly.

They accept the fact that they’ll be without you for a while and they do it calmly and patiently because they know you’ll be back to cuddle and play with them soon.

By freaking out when you come back.

The joy they feel when you return home from work is without limits. We dog owners have all been there so we know how delighted everyone is when this happens.

Watch the video and tell us in the comments how your dog says ‘I love you’!

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