6 Things You Must Know If You Love A Libra


I was in love with a Libra for most of college, and I must say: it’s been an adventure! Here’s what you need to know about loving a Libra.

Libras love spontaneity so it’s best if you’re the type of person that goes with the flow. Being with a Libra will be an amazing experience, especially if you make peace with the idea that they’re pretty indecisive. So if you’re planning a date, it’s better if you just organize the whole thing rather than asking or waiting for their opinion.

Libras hate conflict.

Libras are the mediators of this world, the peace-makers. No wonder they are the balance of the zodiac. They are hurt pretty badly when their parents or people they care about fight with each other. People born under this sign are pretty enthusiastic and optimistic, just as long as they don’t have to deal with some kind of conflict. Conflicts literally drain them and they will do everything in their power to stay away from them.

People born in Libra are natural charmers.

There’s something about them, that je ne sais quoi that makes them super attractive and desired. Their sexuality is powerful, almost palpable. So make sure you make an extra effort to make their desires come true, or else they might be on their way looking for someone more dedicated. Speaking of dedication, Libras will think a lot before accepting to be part of a relationship. It’s just the way they’re built. They’re looking for the perfect partner, the one that will make them happy but will also agree with their independence.

Libras can smell a lie from miles away.

So don’t lie. Don’t even think about it. They smell lies from miles away and, trust me, you don’t want to get your Libra lover mad. They will make you regret everything you just said and did. But if you’re open, honest and caring, a Libra will reward you in all sorts of ways.

Libras are also nurturing and caring.

These people know how to make you feel wanted and special. They will make you your top priority if they feel you are worth it. They are used to putting your needs above theirs and this is something to appreciate greatly about this sign.

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