The 6 Healing Powers of Cat Purrs


Cat owners, it’s time to let the magic of your cat’s purrs unfold. Many of us love cats with great enthusiasm. And so does the internet. But did you know that in all that purring there are amazing health benefits for us humans? Read on to expand your knowledge on the healing powers of cat purrs!

Cat owners know the crazy joy that they get when they’re bonding with their feline. Kitties really make our lives much brighter and happier. So you may have noticed your cat likes to purr. Did you ever wonder why do they do that? Most of us know that they purr when they feel content, but it looks like there’s more to it than that.

Studies indicate that they also purr when they’re severely injured, when they feel frightened, when giving birth or even dying. Purring requires energy which means they would not use this energy unless they really have to. In a way, we could say that purring sometimes acts like a survival mechanism. Fascinating, isn’t it? Purring is their own healing mechanism, but it also helps people a lot.

Health Benefits of Cat Purr

The healing power of cats have been widely documented, researched, and analyzed. Are they supernatural beings? Because it surely seems like there’s nothing cats can’t do! Here are some very interesting facts about kitties and their unique talents:

While purring, cats release vibrations known to cure people of various illnesses and problems. Ages ago, when healers weren’t allowed to use crystals for their work, they would use a cat’s purr for the same reasons.

Petting a purring cat can calm down your nerves and significantly lower your stress levels.The vibrations that purring causes are known to soothe your mood. Cat owners also seem to deal less with feelings of anxiety, loneliness or depression.

A recent study shows that cat owners have 40% less risk of heart attack.

A study by psychologist Karen Allen at the University of New York in Buffalo revealed that hearing your cat purr can lower your blood pressure.

Purr vibrations promote bone strength. They also help with healing muscles and tendons injuries. 

With these incredible benefits for your health, no wonder we like being around cats so much. It’s a bond so special that we should all live surrounded by these fabulous creatures.

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