10 Things Every Woman Should Do In Her 30s

After your twenties have past, 30s seem so dreadful it’s scary. Naturally, it’s not the case because a new chapter is about to begin, different but no less beautiful.

It’s the time to completely discover yourself, to know exactly who you are and what you want your life to look like. 20s were such a blur, ravaged by soul matters and existential questions that saw no answer. On the opposite, your 30s will seem like a wake up call.

Have a look at these 10 things that every woman must do in her 30s:

1. Realize that your better half is not everything to you

You must get comfortable in your own skin and become as confident and secure as you can. Your significant other has to be someone you want to have around, not someone you need. You must take care of yourself alone and not think about whether your companion is present or not.

2. Quit comparing all the time

You should have learned by now that there’s always going to be someone smarter, more beautiful or more successful than you. But there’s also going to be someone who thinks you have it better than them. Stop comparing yourself to others and keep on your own track, following your dreams and desires.

3. Exercise before it’s too late

Take better care of yourself, you don’t want to wake up in your 40s with loose skin and some extra pounds. Even if your heart and soul are young, the body gets old, so you must get regular exercise, eat healthier and take time to yourself. Concentrate more on your mind and body.

4. Accept that things can be black and white

Realize that not everything must be right or wrong, it can be both. People can have different opinions and sometimes you must agree to disagree. Don’t make a fuss about heated arguments, they are there to expand your way of thinking.

5. Just go!

Travel, this time you have earned enough money to take all the vacations you’ve always wanted. Take a long trip, even by yourself, you will learn so much.

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