3 Red Flags That You And Your Partner Are Not Compatible

We like to believe that love conquers all. But aren’t we just setting ourselves up for disaster when we expect our romantic relationship to survive in spite of obvious incompatibility?

Here are 3 signs that you and your partner are incompatible and that you should reconsider your involvement in the relationship.

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1. Different life goals

You don’t have to be the same person, with the same personality, skills or hobbies to be happy together. But you do need to have compatible life goals. If you want to travel the world and your partner has baby fever, your relationship may fun for a while. But on the long run things will get tense.

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2. Nothing really in common

If the only connection you have is sex or the desire to not be alone, you may be trying to build something durable on a shaky foundation. While both sex and the need for affection are important and normal things to want, you may need more than that to build a lasting relationship. Common values or passions, the same level of education or spirit of adventure are the kind of things people with lasting relationships share.

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3. Sexist beliefs

If your partner clings to outdated views and beliefs just because they suit them better and you want to change how the world sees you and the gender you represent, this is not the kind of polemic that can be solved easily. This is an incompatibility that will show its ugly head from the simplest of choices – what you should wear- to the most profound choices you’ll have to make as a couple – if you should have kids or not.

All long and happy relationships involve hard work. But if the incompatibility is too significant, no amount of work will save the relationship. Please share this!