3 Rules Not To Become Clingy In Your Relationship

The word ‘clingy’ has a negative connotation specifically in romantic relationships where neither of the partners wants to be regarded as ‘the clingy one’. The dictionary by Merriam-Webster says ‘clingy’ means ‘tending to stay very close to someone for emotional support, protection’. In other words, a person who is too emotionally dependent on their partner. This can quickly escalate into obsession and infatuation, something that harms any relationship, causing the infallible dissolution sooner or later.

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It can be easy to fall into clingy lagoon when you are at the beginning of your relationship and super in love. You want to spend every second in their company as if the days are numbered and think about them all the time when you’re not together. But one mustn’t forget that they are their own person, not an extension of their partner. The fear of losing them or the fear of ending up alone may feed the desire to be at all times connected to your partner. It’s understandable but in no way healthy for the relationship.

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Here’s how to avoid becoming the clingy partner in a romantic relationship:

1. Stay in your own lane

Being in a happy relationship doesn’t mean forgetting about your own passions, interests and life altogether. You had a life before falling in love and you shouldn’t turn your partner into ‘your world’ just because you’re truly happy. A healthy and honest relationship is built of two separate people who come together in a positive way. One should pursue his own dreams and goals, falling in love first with their own individual story.

2. Never neglect your loved ones

Do not brush off your friends and family for another date with your newly found love. Something that a lot of people choose to do when they get involved with a new someone. You must keep space in your life for others as well as respect your partner’s private time with other people.

3. Don’t be the initiator all the time

It’s not cool to be the one who initiates contact every time, let them reach out to you at their own pace. Be patient. Eventually, they will call or send you a text, but not if you fill their inbox with messages and smiling faces.

Being clingy only pushes your partner further away. Don’t fall into this trap!