3 Signs Your Past Relationship Is Affecting Your Present One

A bad relationship is like a bad meal: you feel sick much longer after the whole affair is over. Depending on the circumstances, it might take a really long time to be fully functioning afterwards. Maybe the most difficult thing to do is to trust another person or your own judgement again. That’s why your next relationship is going to force you to face some serious doubts and fears.


Here are the most common 3 things to expect when you start a new relationship.

1.  You keep expecting things to go south

You just cannot believe that things can go differently from your last relationship. You expect things to follow a certain pattern, to have everything explode in your face and throw you in a dark pit of sadness. Unhappiness has created a certain neuronal highway in your mind and now you have to reroute your thoughts and feelings. It takes time and patience, but it’s worth it.

2. You are always looking for a way out of your new relationship

It probably took a lot of convincing from your new partner’s part for you to even consider entering this new relationship. But even if you did and everything goes well, you probably find yourself planning your exit. You want to renounce the relationship before everything goes south again. Make sure you’re not projecting past suffering or problems on this new relationship or punish your partner for crimes they didn’t commit.

 3. You say sorry a lot

A toxic relationship and a bad breakup takes a toll on our self-esteem. We feel unworthy of being loved, powerless and guilty of having all the conceivable shortcomings a human being can have. That’s why you feel tempted to apologize a lot for every little gesture, because that’s what was expected from you in the past. Don’t let that become a new pattern and clearly explain to your partner that this is habit you are planning to give up. And then do it!

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