Why We Shouldn’t Give Up On Our Loved One When Conflict Arises

When we’re in love, we tend to believe that the honey-moon phase will last forever. We believe that nothing can get us out of that euphoria.  When it comes to relationships, we never know what they’ll bring to us in the future, a lot of joy or a lot of suffering and sorrow.

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And then there’s a wake-up call. Because there comes a moment when we realize the beginning was only the tip of our love iceberg. And so you start to discover some of your partner’s flaws and they can pinpoint yours. And before you know it, you start fighting, sometimes out of the blue.

The rainbows and butterflies phase belongs to the past now. But here’s something we should all consider: we cannot grow if we remain stuck at this stage. The purpose of conflict is to help us learn from our mistakes and grow.

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Every relationship that is sure to last starts from a place of conflict and will only grow from there.

If you think about all the people you are close to in your life, you will realize that there has also been some conflict and pain involved.

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You cannot hope to build something wonderful and unique with someone without opening yourself up to anger, disappointment and hurt as well. You cannot expect things to go smoothly every day. It’s not realistic because we are humans and we all have emotions, and baggage and our own opinions.

It’s only natural that you and your partner will clash at one point. What matters is what you do from that point on. Will you let go and try seek more balance some place else? Or will you decide it’s worth staying and fighting alongside your partner?

The only path that will ensure deep love, care, and commitment is to find balance and agreement within the relationship. Especially if you think there is still love between you two.

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Accept and embrace the fact that tough times and challenges will always exist. You can choose to walk away and turn your back to a person you might still love. Or you choose to stay and build from there.

Just remember that everything is fleeting. Which means the conflict won’t last forever if both of you are willing to solve it and make amends.

This is how you can continue to grow in your relationships. So never give up on love even if there’s conflict! Please share this!