5 Traits That Show Your Partner Will Be Loyal To You

People who want to mate for life play a dangerous game. While their expectations are very high, there’s no way they can know for sure their partner will stay by their side. Here are 5 traits that indicate that your partner will not abandon you at the first sight of trouble.


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Trying to keep the fantasy alive, people tend to ignore their partner’s pattern of behavior. They don’t want to know if there’s something that might cause a breakup. But patterns of behavior are the only things that can predict the future of your relationship. With no guarantees, of course.

1. They know how to handle stress

A partner who can manage stressful situations is more likely to stay by your side when things become difficult. If they tend to disintegrate quickly, to get carried away by anger, chances are they won’t be able to handle the effort involved in building a lasting relationship.

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2. They can easily feel your pain

An empathic partner is one of the best gifts life can give you. Their ability to read your mood, to choose the most appropriate thing to say when you’re down can make all the difference in the world.

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 3. They have strong communication skills

The ability to speak one’s mind in such a manner that everything is explained, but without hurting the other’s feeling is essential. Conflicts can be solved if you and your partner know how to argue and your relationship becomes stronger because of it.

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 4. They know the importance of a hug

Physical contact strengthens the bond between the partners. And having someone who enjoys caressing you, kissing you or holding your hand even when it doesn’t lead to sex is an indicator of a strong relationship.

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 5. They share your values

When you get involved with someone new, a whole world of possibilities opens up to you. You learn new things, you experience situations that can challenge you and  make you grow. But this has a better chance of success if you share some essential values, some common interests. Choose someone who can understand why seeing your favorite band in concert is so important to you.

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