This Is How You Can Tell If You Are In A Selfish Relationship

I think we can all agree that perfectly balanced relationships are only for the lucky ones. Human relationships are complex and they require a lot of patience and effort so that they eventually work. Usually, you can tell at a certain point if it’s worth fighting for you and your partner’s future or if it’s better to let go.

It’s true that sometimes we choose selfishness as a defense mechanism. But most of the times, it’s because of our own ego which doesn’t let us give in to others. Here are 4 undeniable signs you are in selfish relationship:

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1. They are self-absorbed

A selfless partner would make you feel like you are the center of the universe and of their universe. When your partner is more concerned with what they do or say all the time, it can be draining for you. It means they don’t know how to cater to your needs and will only put theirs ahead of yours.

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2. They make you feel worthless

In a mature and balanced relationship, each partner makes the other feel their equal and feel worthy of the love they receive. When things are out of balance, your partner can project their own insecurities and sense of worth (or lack thereof) onto yourself. If they can’t handle your accomplishments but always try to talk about their own, then it’s clear they put themselves first.

3. They don’t apologize

They won’t be able to say “I’m sorry” when they’ve done something wrong because they are selfish. Instead, they will try to come up with a justifiable excuse for what they did. And because everything revolves around them, they will be more focused on how you hurt their feelings and how it was all your fault.

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4. They are controlling

This ties in with their insecurities. They have certain expectations of you but the truth is they have no right to tell you what to do. As long as you think it’s right, keep doing what you do. Insecurity and being competitive are other clear signs of selfishness. Don’t fall into this trap.

Don’t let a selfish partner get the best of you. Please share this!