They May Not Have Loved You Enough, But There Is Someone Who Will

No matter how you feel now, know that this is not the end. Breakups are what they are, excruciatingly painful and heartbreaking. No one can deny that and the impact they have on us. But after a while, you will begin to see that they actually also mark a new beginning.

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They may have walked away from your life before you even got the chance to open up a real conversation about what happened. There may have been an abrupt and violent ending to the most wonderful relationship you’ve even been into. But they deserted you. They may have left you when you needed them the most, but there is someone who will stay.

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There is some imperfect being out there, a soul like yours, who will glue together all the crumbling pieces. They will be your castle in the sand that survives against all odds. Believe that when a troubled chapter from your life is coming to an end, you will open the book to find love again between the pages of your life.

Love is not necessarily something out there, ready to be found. It’s right here. It’s when you tell yourself you deserve to be happy and cherished. They may have taken you for granted and not appreciate you for the wonderful being that you are, but there is someone who won’t.

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There is someone who will know your worth and know how to keep you in their lives for the longest time.

They may have shattered you and made you bitter and more cynical and you may have lost your faith in love. But there is someone who will show you that bitterness doesn’t take you too far. They will remind you that life can be a rainbow if you choose to smile and let people in.

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They may not have kept their promises towards you or stayed committed to what you two had. They chose the safer and easy path by not trying to make amends and forgive you. They chose to run away from the pain by running away from the relationship. Not knowing that the pain will always follow.

You are enough and worthy of love, no matter how much pain you’ve been through. They may not have loved you enough, there is someone who will.

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