4 Ways To Be Vulnerable In Your Relationship So It Becomes Stronger

Being vulnerable plays such a crucial role in all human relationships. Sadly, it has a bad reputation because it’s mostly perceived as a sign of weakness. But quite the reverse it’s true, actually.

Vulnerability takes immense bravery and self-confidence, as well as tremendous strength and character. Being vulnerable is all about being authentic and allowing oneself to be imperfect.

For some people, being vulnerable is like literally being naked in public. And this makes a lot of sense because when we show vulnerability to others, we expose ourselves greatly. We are risking judgment, criticism, rejection. All those things we desperately want to avoid.

Now that we’ve established that being vulnerable is most definitely one of the keys to long-lasting meaningful relationships, here are 4 ways we can choose to be vulnerable in our relationships:

1. Open up about your past

We all have our little dark skeletons hidden in our mind’s dungeons. Creepy as it may sound, things could get less creepier if you let them see the light. Allow your partner to discover you and what makes you tick.

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Believe that no matter what you’ve been through in your past, it led to where you are now. Share your insecurities with your loved one as this will encourage them to do the same. And that is the secret to ever-lasting connection and love.

2. Communicate your fears

In the beginning of a relationship, we try to keep things cheerful and smooth. We don’t really go into it flooding our partner with our fears, internal problems, insecurities, doubts. Peeling the layers of yourself is a process. It depends on you how long it will take you to get there, at the heart of intimacy and a deeper emotional connection.

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3. Open up, especially when you feel like shutting up

One of the key moments in a relationship is when one chooses to remain silent on the issues that matter. It’s when communication goes through a breakdown and when the connection starts to fade. Because of a fear of rejection or getting hurt, they choose the easy way out: not talk about it.

But opening up will only make you both more understanding and so you will be able to find solutions to the problem together.

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4. Cry when you feel like it

Crying is so incredibly beneficial for our mental health. It’s very powerful because it helps you release all that negative energy, the stress, the longing, the sadness or even anger. So don’t hold back! Let all that pain out. Your partner will appreciate it a lot that you trusted them so much. Trust that they will be there to comfort you and not judge you.

Crying merely shows you’re human. Needless to say, this will bring you and your partner even closer.

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