How To Read Someone’s Emotions With 90% Accuracy

We all wish we had at some point in our lives the magical power to read someone’s mind or emotions. There were those instances in our conversations with our partners when we thought it would have been so useful to know exactly what they were thinking.

We can’t really say emotions are hard or easy to read because it depends a lot on the people. Some are very difficult to read and decipher while others are practically c-thru.

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It also depends a lot on the circumstances. Maybe there are times when we allow our partner or our friends to take a peek inside and see what we’re feeling. But there are also times when we put on a mask or hide in our tough shells so as not to get hurt.

Whatever the reason we sometimes choose to hide our emotions, there is one circumstance in which we can’t.

Apparently, neuroscience can help us reveal our true colors.

Here’s how it works:

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Neuroscientists have been working at trying to predict human emotions with more accuracy for a while now. What they discovered was that brain scans can read human emotions with 90% accuracy.

What the study has also found was that we can predict the intensity of negative emotions to evocative images. Apparently, the negative emotions have a neural signature that are easily recognized by computers.

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This new study suggests that brain imaging can accurately tell how someone is feeling without knowing anything about them (aside from their brain activity). Isn’t that pretty amazing?

According to Dr. Luke Chang, this has serious implications, especially since emotions have been so hard to understand and measure.

What do you think about this study? Are you a ‘hard to read’ person or do you let others see you for who you are with ease?

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