The 4 Types Of Love You’ll Experience In Your Search To Find ‘The One’

Yes, most of us experience these 4 types of love throughout their life. Love can be hurtful and destructive, sometimes even mean and selfish. But love can also be the most intense uplifting feeling that makes you complete.

It can move mountains hold everything in the universe and be extremely powerful. As many of us have experiences first-hand, love can have many shapes, form and intensities. It can be sweet and kind and selfless or simply devastating and torturous.

Needless to say, we barely have a say in it; it’s something that unfolds and grows unexpectedly.

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It takes going through all types of love to know that you have found a love that is unparalleled and amazing.

Here are the 4 types you’ll experience in your search for your soulmate:

1. Phileo

This is the love of the soul. It is often associated with affection and kindness and it comes naturally to us. Also called “brotherly love”, this type of love is the kind of love and care you encounter in friendships. Yes, it’s also the platonic type.

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This love is also relational and companionable. It is not shallow, but very rich in emotions and rather deep. It’s also the kind of love you have for people who share the same worldview and interests with you.

2. Eros

This is the love radiated by the body. It is carnal and romantic and very passionate. It’s colorful and underpinned by our procreative urges. But it’s merely sexual. It extends beyond just lust and passion. But it is the most sensual type of love and it usually needs more to sustain a long-term relationship.

This type of love can be consuming, but also nurturing. It all depends on individual experience too.

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3. Storge

This is the kind of love you have when you’re in a long-term relationship. It is also the love we have for our community and family. It is solid, natural and often comes out of habit. It’s long-lasting and can grow despite obstacles.

The downside is that it may keep from growing on your spiritual path and sometimes act as a hindrance to your self-development.

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4. Agape

This is the real, unconditional love we should all strive for. It’s eternal and sacrificial and it’s the only one which can fulfill our lives and enrich our souls. This type of love coincides with the parental love and it’s also the most mature one.

It’s selfless and will never leave us. It puts the beloved above our own feelings and needs. It’s creative, nurturing, vulnerable and empathetic. And most of all, it’s forgiving and all-encompassing.

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And we could not live without it. Agape is the glue that holds all types of love together.

Have you experienced all these types of love? 

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