One Of The Biggest Love Mistakes People Make At Least Once In Their Lifetime

It’s nearly impossible to avoid doing this mistake throughout your lifetime. We’re all humans after all. Going back to the one who has broken your heart is the biggest trap you can fall into. They hurt you to such an extent that left you scarred for good.

But this is not how things should be like. They’ve taken you for granted, they’ve let go of you when you needed them. So here’s why you should never go back to someone who’s hurt you.

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You must learn to move on as well

If they’re already over you or just drowning their sorrow in video games, then why shouldn’t you do the same? They’ve hurt you really badly but somehow you still crave going back to the relationship. This is because it feels comfortable to return to what’s familiar. But don’ fall into this trap. It is very likely that the old habits and patterns will come back and you’ll be heartbroken again.

They will hurt you again

Because they’ve done it once, chances are they’ll do it again. This is why you could never be happy and at peace in a relationship that has already been through this. Also, you need to be happy with yourself first. You can’t expect them to come along and unbreak you and put you back on your feet. This is something you have to go through alone.

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They won’t change

Your ex may come crawling telling you how much they’ve changed and how they realized you two should be together for life. The truth is people rarely change. You will not be able to trust them like you did before and this will damage the relationship further.

Apologies are great and you may feel tempted to start over with them, but remember that this would only be a temporary solution. Moreover, you can forgive them if you want to be at peace with yourself. But draw the line between forgiving and taking them back into your life.

You deserve better

Don’t settle for less just because you feel you may never find love again. You deserve people in your life who treat you kindly and who offer support when you need it the most. Enough with the blaming. As tempting as you may find it to go back to them, know that this will perpetuate their ill treatment of you.

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This will turn out to be a long and complex healing process, but you should know that this will make room for other people in your life. Once you realize you deserve so much more, you will be able to find love again.

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