There Is No Pride In Loving Someone Who Will Never Love You Back

There is nothing romantic about unrequited love. Although it has been painted in a colorful light, this kind of love can be excruciating. It continues to consume us even long after the person is gone from our lives. And yet we cling to our past that keeps dragging us to a dark place. To that moment when we realized we didn’t love ourselves enough. Otherwise, how could they have left us? And in so much chaos and misery?

There is no fun in chasing ghosts. Especially when we feel that ghost, our one and only was all we have. But sometimes we keep them in our hearts also because we’re afraid of letting them go. We believe that once we shed our past with them, we also shed an important part of ourselves.

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And then, what will we be left with? Scattered pieces, all hurting with the power of a thousand arrows straight through our hearts. Then again, this ghost haunts us, but it can’t hurt us again.

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The truth is we don’t need to fight for affection. If we always need love so badly and beg for it, it’s doomed from the very beginning.

Because genuine love just is and springs from the love you give yourself.

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No one and nothing outside yourself can give you that which you most long for. Once you know this, you also know you are ready to implement it. Just know that you are deserving of the love you are seeking and you have a major potential to make this kind of love come to life. And then everything around you will revive, but you must find it within first.

And once you do, there won’t be the threat of you settling for less. Don’t sacrifice your needs and what makes you special for someone else.

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If they left you broken and in despair, you need to heal and nourish yourself. And it can’t happen without showing kindness towards yourself first. You deserve to give yourself as much time and patience as you need so you can then start anew. Don’t rush it and don’t blame yourself. Most importantly, don’t let what happened consume you entirely. Otherwise, how will you be able to love wholeheartedly the person who will actually be worthy of it?

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Love should not consume you or exhaust you, and it certainly doesn’t disappear over night. Unrequited love is something we all go through. But there is no pride or triumph in holding on to someone who won’t give us their all. You begin when you acknowledge you deserve more, when you realize you could share your soul with one just like yours. That is when the real magic starts.

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