Here’s What You Can Do When You Feel Overwhelmed By Negative Thinking

Negative thinking patterns can have an extremely powerful effect on our lives. They become a part of who we are and we don’t even notice when they begin absorbing all of our energy. Here are the most common 3 negative thinking patterns and how we can manage them.


When we let ourselves being carried away by negative thinking we are under the illusion of being in control. When we can’t do anything about a problem, worrying about it feels like doing something. In reality, the only effect this has on us is more stress.

1. Rumination

Negative rumination means having the same negative thoughts again and again. You cannot stop from thinking about the negative consequences of a certain situation. The buzzing of the mind is keeping you from actually solving whatever bothers you.

The easiest solution when you catch yourself going in circles is to give yourself a break and take a walk. Or talk to a friend. Anything that can help you let the waters settle and find a real solution later on.

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2. Overthinking

Overthinking is a lot like rumination, but it has more to do with choices. Because you fear failure and you want to evaluate any possible risks, you tend to delay the decision making. Of course we should deliberate whether we should get married or not. Changing jobs is also not a easy step to take.  But if the deliberation paralyzes you, then the whole process becomes useless.

Give yourself a deadline about the decision that you have to make. Alternative options should make it easier, not harder for you. And also, before you act, acknowledge and accept the possibility of failure. You are allowed to make mistakes.

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3. Cynicism

Living in the world as it is now, it’s hard to not be cynical. But if your hostility extends to everybody and anything, things may get out of hand. Your neighbors don’t intend to angry you by listening to loud music. They’re just enjoying their party. Your partner doesn’t want to make you crazy by leaving the seat up. He just forgot.

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A solution for when you begin to feel that everybody is out to get you is to take some distance. Try to find alternative interpretations to people’s behaviors. Other than wanting to insult or deceive you. Remember the times when your own behavior could’ve been interpreted as malicious, simply because you didn’t pay enough attention. Try to give others the same benefit of the doubt you hope to get from them.

So, don’t panic and make these little adjustments a part of your daily mental routine! Please, share this!