3 Sure Ways To Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

People in long-term relationships are facing with this problem a lot. They seem to not be able to remember the times when they were madly and passionately in love. It’s perfectly natural for that energy between you to go through changes.

It’s a very common issue that most couples deal with. The eternal question remains: how to bring back the spark once it’s gone?

How to make things fresh and exciting again? We all hate to be stuck in that phase of slight boredom when we don’t know exactly where we’re heading. So are you taking notes?

1. Keep the thrills

This doesn’t always mean go out on romantic dates. As important as romance may be in your relationship, this aspect isn’t always going to bring the spark back. You might want to try other activities, maybe something that you haven’t tried before.

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Think of something that really excites you and that you’ve always wanted to try with your partner. Unleash your imagination.

2. Take breaks

Taking an occasional break from each other could work wonders for your relationship. This doesn’t have to imply enforced time spent apart. It doesn’t have to be about going out with other people either.

What if you just play a bit more with interrupting things? Maybe you could try taking a break in the middle of a make out session. Surely, the spark will be there hours later when you go back to cuddling and feeling good.

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3. Challenge yourselves

Being in a long-term relationship means the novelty factor is mostly if not entirely gone. You and your partner know each other so deeply that there’s nothing which can surprise you anymore. One way to overcome this stage is to challenge yourselves.

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Why not join contests or compete as a team against another team? That will definitely help you get to know each other in other circumstances.

Is it time for more playfulness? What do you think?