Psychologists Have Finally Found What Makes People Attractive

Have you ever wondered what you find most attractive in people? Is it their facial features, the way they dress, their style, their intellect? Or is it something you can’t really put your finger on? Attraction is really one of the greatest mysteries out there. But it looks like psychologists have finally found what makes people attractive. And it’s not exactly what you think!

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It makes sense that we all want to be attractive, both physically and intellectually. Because we don’t know exactly what makes others attractive, it’s hard to come up with methods to increase our appeal. Attraction is really a complex thing, especially if we take into account the cultural differences. What is attractive to you can be ugly or repulsive to others. Not to mention the different tastes we all have. So what makes people attractive then?

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What Makes Us Attractive?

According to a study conducted by scientists and professors at the University of Lubeck, the strongest predictor of attraction is not physical appearance, but emotional understanding. Thus, when we feel confident we’ve read someone’s emotions correctly and understood them, we find those people more attractive.

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This means that a person’s level of attractiveness depends highly on the perception of the viewer and their brain, not only on the sender’s brain. It’s about how well the two match in the end. The reverse is also true. When we’re attracted to someone, we’re more likely to want to understand their emotions.

In the past, people thought that attraction was mostly based on physical appearance and genetic compatibility. It turns out things are slightly different. According to this new recent study, emotional connection is at the basis of the reason why we may find one person more appealing than others.

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Compatibility is key then. This explains why mutual attractions are the best!

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