4 Non-Verbal Signs That He or She Likes You Back

According to science, our body language can give away our attraction towards other people. So how can we tell when someone’s interested in us? Some would say “it’s in their eyes”. And this makes sense because we can really read other people’s emotions by looking into their eyes. But is there something more? Stay tuned if you’re dying to find out whether they have a crush on you or not. Here are 4 non-verbal signs that he or she likes you back:

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1. Eye contact

As we’ve said before, gazing into someone’s eyes is very important. Remember that eyes don’t lie so if they do like you, you’ll be able to spot it right away with a quick glance. When you’re not sure, the best first step is to monitor the eye contact. Start there and see what happens. If you’re making eye contact and they look at you for a little longer, then it’s a sign that they’re into you.

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2. They’ll try to get close to you and lean in

If a guy or a girl likes you, they will try to minimize the distance between the two of you. Studying their body language as a whole can send you many clear messages which tell you they might have a crush.

3. Light touch

The truth is they will find excuses to brush against you or bump into you if they like you. But we’re talking about a gentle touch and the accidental type. A firm touch between two people that don’t really know each other is not very appropriate.

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4. They enjoy your company and smile or laugh a lot

Most of the time, you can tell when someone is enjoying themselves around you. If they make jokes and seem rather cheerful, chances are they want to make you feel good around them because they like you. It makes sense that they’d want to spend more time with you. So this is a pretty good hint they’re looking for something more than a friendship.

There you have it! Pass this on to help your friends find out who’s interested in them!