6 Body-Language Tricks That Will Make Anyone Like You Instantly

Body language is important, no doubt about that. It can speak volumes on who you are without you saying a word. And the truth is we are sending signals to people around us all the time and we don’t even know it.

There are some things that you can learn to make those near you notice you and pay more attention to you. Here are 6 body-language tricks that will make anyone like you instantly.

1. Remember that your attitude is just as important as your body language.

In order to project confidence you must feel secure and great in your own skin. For this, it would be helpful if you removed anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And if there’s a tiny thing that bothers you about yourself but can’t change it, embrace it. Make peace with it.

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2. Treat everyone as if they are your friend.

Being kind to someone and showing them respect will help you a lot in your relationships. Having a friendly attitude towards those around you no matter who they are will determine them to respond likewise.

3. Keep a relaxed and positive posture.

Try to stand up straight, but comfortable at the same time. People will notice if you’re rigid or inflexible. Remember to always relax your shoulders and neck. If you look relaxed, others will feel just as relaxed around you.

When you sit up, keep your back straight, but remember to be just as relaxed.

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4. When you enter a room

The moment you walk into a room full of people, you’re exposing yourself to them. Think about how you want them to see you. Smiling is one of the best things you can do. Spread that joy and show them you are happy to be in that room.

Greet the people and try to make eye contact with everyone, if possible. Make them feel what a positive influence you are just by being there.

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5. When you shake hands

A firm but gentle handshake shows you are a confident person but not too tough. You might also want to make eye contact long enough to be able to remember their eye color. Again, smile!

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6. Mirror your movements or posture

Another interesting and powerful technique is mirroring. Standing or sitting the way other people do makes them feel instantly more comfortable around you. For example, try leaning on their right leg if they’re also doing that. As long as you’re not too obvious, this will work out in your favor.

There you have it! This is how you make people feel comfortable around you! Hit the share button to spread these tricks with your loved ones!