5 Weird Things Your Body Does as a Defense Mechanism

Our bodies are absolutely miraculous and very complex. Sometimes they react in strange ways that we may not always understand. There are everyday things our bodies do such as yawning, crying, or getting goosebumps and we often think of them in terms of external factors. They are simple and ordinary reactions but they have more complex causes. If you’ve ever wondered why your body reacts a certain way, then this article’s for you. Here are 5 weird things your body does as a defense mechanism:

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1. Yawning

Apparently, yawning happens when our brains want to cool down. We all associate yawning with being tired and sleepy, but the truth is our brains tend to have a higher temperature when we’re exhausted. That’s why we tend to yawn more when we want to go to bed. Whatever you do, keep yawning! It’s great for your brain!

2. Crying

Tears are usually associated with intense emotions, but what they actually do is protect our sight! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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3. Sneezing

People usually sneeze when surrounded by dust, germs, and other things. The interesting part is that our brains use sneezing as a way to get these irritants out to prevent them from harming us. Researchers also say that we sneeze to reset our nasal cavity.

4. Pruning Skin

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We’ve all experienced pruned up fingers from sitting for too long in water. Recent tests confirm the fact that our fingers get wrinkly to help us grip on wet things better. Fascinating, right?

5. Goosebumps

We all know goosebumps cause our hair to stand, but why does this happen? This was a lot more useful for our ancestors. Goosebumps are meant to protect us from cold. How? By bringing our hair up and thus capture some extra air that we can use to warm up.

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It’s very easy for us to take our bodies for granted when we perform daily activities, but the truth is we should definitely cherish them for the wonder that they are!

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