It’s True: You Can Read Someone’s Emotions By Looking Into Their Eyes!

We are all familiar with the notion that eyes are small windows into someone’s soul if we take a really good look at them. A very recent study suggests that we’ve been right all along about what our eyes can reveal about what we’re feeling.

So it’s not just a saying anymore or some magical mystical thing passed on to us from our grandmothers. Science couldn’t agree more. You can read someone’s emotions by looking into their eyes! Here’s all about it.

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Look Into Someone’s Eyes and See What They’re Feeling

The study was recently published in Psychological Science after researchers investigated how humans communicate with their eyes. We can all agree that gazing into someone’s eyes can give us a hint as to how or what that person is feeling. We can read if they’re sad, angry or happy. But this study says that our interpretations could be even more accurate than we thought.

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There were 28 participants involved in this study who looked at some images of eyes that expressed anger, sadness, disgust, fear, joy, or surprise. The researchers found some very interesting results. It looks like narrowing your eyes is associated with suspicion, aggression or even hate, whereas eyes widening may reveal sensitivity, interest or anticipation. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

But because human expressions are so very complex, it’s almost impossible to analyze all the eye movements and tell what to associate with that feeling.

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So next time you look into someone’s eyes, gaze deeply. See what you can spot and then maybe ask the person what they’re feeling. Don’t always assume that your interpretation is accurate. But this study helps us a great deal in trying to discover more in our partner’s eyes, for example. Maybe we want to tell if they’re lying to us. Science now indicates that it’s entirely possible to have a look at what their eyes are saying.

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