This Is The Best Way To Read Other People’s Emotions, According To Psychologists

When we’re trying to see what someone is feeling at the moment, we usually look at them. We try to actually see those emotions painted on their faces. No wonder we sometimes tell our friend as we meet them that they look happy that day or that they look rather sad.

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We pay attention to their facial expressions in the hope of finding the answer there. But can we really tell with accuracy what the other is feeling by simply looking at their face? A new study seems to suggest differently. Apparently, there is something better we can do.

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According to recent study in psychology, listening could help us more in identifying how the other feels.

That’s because empathizing is stronger when we focus on listening rather than looking at the person. The explanation is that people are generally better at hiding their emotions from their faces than from their voices.

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During the experiment, when people were trying to empathize with the others, they tried to look at their faces and listen at the same time or just look and just listen. The most effective and accurate method to indicate how someone was feeling was by listening.

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The study shows that listening matters. Perhaps a lot more than we previously thought. And it’s not only what we say, but how we say it and the subtle layers in the sound of our voice that speaks more than what we utter.

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