3 Magic Phrases To Make Small Talk Easier

Do you find small talk to be a burden? Are you one of those people who always look for meaningful conversations and totally hates small talk? If you are, you also know that social interaction with people you hardly know can have some benefits of its own. Well, if you dislike small talk as much as I do, take a look at three magic phrases which will sweeten a bit the bitter taste of small talk.

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1. Make a remark

Observe something that surrounds you and comment on it. For instance, “It’s really crowded here, I miss summer nights” or “Ccan you believe the drink prices at the bar?“. Anything that will make the other person answer back. Put an emphasis on how the circumstances make you feel.

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2. A probing question

Follow-up with insightful questions. If they give short answers to the common question, “how was your day”, continue asking more stuff while showing interest in them.

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3. A bridge statement

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This is how you take the conversation to the next level, by using a bridge statement. Like, “I can relate to that…because” or “I know what you’re saying…but”. This is the point where you add some of your opinions and experiences into the

Easy-peasy, right? Now you’re not afraid of small talk anymore! Please share!