Why You’re Actually Addicted to Cracking Your Knuckles

Here’s a habit not many of us are proud to have. Popping, stretching and cracking feel good for our body, right? But what’s the science behind it? We’ve all heard that knuckles cracking can be dangerous for us, that we could even get arthritis and so on. How much of that is true? And why can’t we seem to be able to stop? Here’s why you’re actually addicted to cracking your knuckles.

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We’re all familiar with that loud popping sound. It’s sometimes annoying when our colleagues do it. And yet we stretch our fingers too. Why is that?

Why Do We Crack Our Knuckles?

Studies show that cracking our knuckles actually releases a lot of pressure from the joints. This is enough to make us want it again and again. When we use our hands and muscles throughout the day, we tend to feel tired; that’s because our muscles and joints tighten up.

So knuckle cracking in the middle of the day feels like a nice big stretch or like yawning: it relaxes us. No wonder we get addicted to it. It’s the feeling of release that keeps us coming back to this habit.

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However, not all people do it. So why is it that some of us are more addicted to this tiny loud habit while others aren’t? Well, it’s the people who use their muscles, hands and fingers more throughout the day as part of their job that tend to do it more often. Writers and surgeons are among those who do it a lot. And it’s understandable.

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Can Cracking Our Knuckles Give Us Arthritis?

Although there aren’t many studies related to this, science tells us there are no detrimental effects on our health and our body. Of course, more research needs to be done. But unless you do it constantly, there isn’t any real danger.

So go ahead with the knuckle popping! Do you know anybody who cracks their knuckles? Share this!