5 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

Insomnia can take its toll on our daily performance and our overall health. There are few things more annoying than not being able to sleep a wink or falling asleep right before your alarm clock starts! Luckily, there are some things you can try to improve the quality of your sleep. One great way to get a full night’s sleep is to fill your house with wonderful flowers and plants. They will bring more life to your home but also reinvigorate and relax you. Good news is there are many plants out there which can purify the air while you’re sleeping. Here are 5 plants for your bedroom to help you sleep better!

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1. Bamboo Palm

This plant is an awesome air purifier. You will no longer have issues with toxins or airborne smells that keep your brain awake at night. Because of its exotic origins, this little green thing will bring a tropical feel to your bedroom.

2. Aloe Vera

One of the most fantastic plants that can improve the air, Aloe Vera is truly one of a kind. Get this green wonder in your bedroom and you will be able to enjoy a most restful sleep! It’s very easy to grow and take care of and not to mention you can use the gel from the leaves as treatment for many issues such as cuts and burns or dry skin.

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3. Jasmine

Studies show that this plant has soothing effects for people dealing with anxiety or insomnia. Adding a Jasmine scent to your bedroom can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. What’s not to love about this gentle lovely plant?

4. English Ivy

Again, this plant is very easy to grow and it’s on NASA’s list of top air-purifying plants out there! Studies indicate that the leaf can improve symptoms of allergy or asthma which can seriously impact our sleep patterns.

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5. Lavender

Oh, the scent of lavender… This fantastic plant is one of the most well-known ones when it comes to improving sleep and reducing anxiety. Its soothing and calming effect is all you need to get this plant for your bedroom. It’s also amazing for lowering blood pressure and dealing with stress.

With these lovely greens on your nightstand, you’ll have no trouble sleeping! Share this with your friends who need better sleep!