What Your Eyebrows Can Reveal About Your Personality

Our general appearance can say a lot about ourselves before we even utter a word. We make everyday choices regarding our hair color or how we dress based on how we want others to perceive us. In a previous article, we shared with you what our lips tell us about who we are. But what about other facial traits like our eyebrows? Many people choose to pluck them, shape them or even darken them to make them look just like they want. We can use their appearance as a fashion statement or even an art form. Moreover, they have something to tell us about who we are. Here’s what your eyebrows can reveal about your personality.

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Straight or Flat Eyebrows

These tend to have no or very little natural arch and usually indicate that what you see is what you get. These people are usually honest and rather straightforward. Additionally, they are reliable and trustworthy so you can confide in them with no problem.

Highly Arched Eyebrows

These are probably the most noticeable ones. But what do they say about the people who have them? Well, these individuals can be quite theatrical and all about the drama. They like to be in the center of attention and are known for being great entertainers and performers.

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Short Eyebrows

These are shorter than the average brows. These people tend to be very detail-oriented and are usually admired by those around them for their tenacity.

Thick Eyebrows

Bushy brows have the most natural look of all. What they say about you is that you enjoy things as they are, in their most natural form. You are also a free spirit and love living life to the fullest.

Thin Eyebrows

Having very thin eyebrows tells the world how delicate and fragile you are. These people usually have an innocent appearance and try to avoid conflict as much as they can. They also tend to be more introverted and see the brighter side of things.

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This type of eyebrows usually has the appearance of one long eyebrow. These people tend to be true individuals who aren’t concerned with how others perceive them. They also have a crazy imagination and a creative side.

What about your eyebrows? We hope you found this article interesting! Share it with friends and tell them what their eyebrows say about them!