4 Reasons Why Boredom Is Actually Good For You

You’ve probably heard this before. In a society that praises productivity and business, it can be tricky to talk about being bored as a good thing. With the internet and especially social media at our disposal every day, we rarely have moments of inactivity throughout the day. But is doing something all the time counterproductive? Research indicates so. We like being overstimulated and distracted but moments of intense boredom can prove to be beneficial for our lives. Being productive and achieving your goals is great but what happens when we forget to just be, without doing? Here are 4 reasons why boredom is actually good for you.

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1. Boredom is essential to creativity.

Often brilliant ideas can spark when you let go of doing or thinking too much. And if it feels like they come out of nowhere, they are actually born when you’re bored or when you’re looking for something fresh. No wonder kids can make the best artists: it’s because they get bored so easily and want to try something else.

2. Boredom can help you with your productivity.

Ironically enough, the two aren’t exclusive, but they complement each other. They’re often like yin and yang if you will. Moments of intense activity require moments of slowing down and doing nothing. Having one without the other could have a negative impact on us.

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3. Being bored encourages reflection.

When you feel bored, your thoughts process tends to slow down. This means boredom can help you look within more and analyze what’s in there. It can also encourage you to become more introspective which will help you see where you’re headed. It’s like taking a break from your actions and seeing them from an outsider’s perspective.

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4. Boredom can help you get some rest.

Many of us associate yawning with boredom. This is a sign our brains definitely need to cool down and take a break from everything. And what a better way to do this then taking a nap or going to sleep? Because feeling bored can put you to bed you have a better chance at getting a good night’s sleep. Waking up rested the next day will only increase your productivity and you will feel like giving your boredom a big thanks.

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