The One Thing That Will Help Your Relationship Grow

Relationships don’t just flourish out of the blue. Most of them require enough time and patience so that they can bloom into solid and wonderful long-lasting bond. Just like flowers need watering, to preserve our new-found connection, we need perseverance and sacrifice.

Big words, but how do we get there with our partner? Sadly, there’s no shortcut.

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We are all in love with the beginnings of a relationship, the ecstasy and fire that we experience upon meeting and being with them. But that is only the tip of a love iceberg.

This might surprise you, but the butterflies phase is not exactly where a great long-lasting relationship begins.

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Every relationship that is sure to last starts from a place of conflict and will only grow from there.

You cannot hope to build something wonderful and unique with someone without opening yourself up to anger, disappointment and hurt as well. You cannot expect things to go smoothly every day. It’s not realistic because we are humans and we all have emotions, and baggage and our own opinions.

It’s only natural that you and your partner will clash at one point. What matters is what you do from that point on. Will you let go and try seek more balance some place else? Or will you decide it’s worth staying and fighting alongside your partner?

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Accept and embrace the fact that tough times and challenges will always exist. You can choose to walk away and turn your back to a person you might still love. Or you choose to stay and build from there.

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