The Number One Sign Of A Toxic Relationship

When we say toxic relationships we mean those relationships that are unhealthy, unhappy or emotionally abusive. Let’s face it: most relationships start out well. The euphoria is enough to make us feel excited, high, and in love.

It’s the excitement of being with someone new and discovering them. What happens after a while, differs a great deal from one relationship to another. But most toxic relationships have this one thing in common.
Being in a toxic relationship feels like walking on eggshells.

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We feel the conversations with our partner are stuck, we feel we can’t communicate anymore. Both communication and connection feel broken

Another symptom is the blaming issue.

And the worse aspect here is that blaming can be addictive. So once you’ve taken this path, it’s a downward spiral.

In this kind of relationship, both partners seem to think that the other is somehow responsible for their emotions, for their unhappiness. But in fact, it all comes down to some internal issues that haven’t been solved.

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The moment we start holding the other person accountable for our emotions and happiness, the whole dynamic of the relationship shifts. At this point, we are merely acting on the beliefs that were implemented in our minds by the media.

We enter a relationship with the belief that the other person not will, but should make us happy.

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But not all is doomed. Know that there are also solutions to toxic relationships. If at least one of the partners becomes aware of the toxic dynamic and starts a conversation about this without blaming the other, then it could work.

It’s essential that each partner takes full responsibility for their emotions and actions.

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