How To Love Yourself When Those Around You Can’t

Taking care of yourself is a radical act, someone once said. The love we have for ourselves should come from the same place of compassion as the love we have for our family or friends.

In this day and age, society teaches us to put our individuals needs and wants above anything else. And that if someone can’t give us exactly that, we should look someplace else.

But is putting ourselves first all the time about love? How can we make the difference between loving and caring for ourselves and actually being selfish?

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Selfishness is all about placing our feelings above the other person’s. We do things that benefit us at the expense of someone else.

We’re selfish when we don’t care about the consequences our actions have on the people around us.

But taking good care of us is a different matter.

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In this case, we do things that benefit us and our well-being, but they are also making our loved ones happy.

When we’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value us, that is the best time to start loving and appreciating yourself for who you are.

It’s true that if we don’t think of ourselves as worthy and lovable, it will be very hard to get the love and appreciation we need.

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So when others blame us or put us down, the best solution to take back control is to stand up for ourselves. Show them we don’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

Don’t forget to always be kind to yourself! And be kind to others as well and share this!