People Share Stories About The Petty Reasons They Broke Up With Someone

We’ve all done things we’re not exactly proud of and some that were plain silly. Our relationships with people in general are not perfect, but rather messy and complex.

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And when it comes to ending a relationship, there are as many reasons as starts in the sky maybe. Recently, Reddit users were asked about the pettiest reason for breaking up with someone. Their answers were hilarious, honest, and most of all, petty. So here’s what they had to say on the topic. Warning: You will be amused.

1. The never-ending debate brought this one relationship to an end:

“I dated a girl for a little over four years. We had our fair share of arguments and disagreements during that time, but the one that broke us up was one over the color of that white gold/blue black dress. Yeah, not my finest hour.”

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2. I’m not entirely sure this is a petty reason. Grammar is important, folks!

“He was a great guy, but I’m a bit of a grammar freak and he used improper grammar in all of his text messages. Like, really bad. Like, “WAT r u doin 2nite?” kind of bad. I literally couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

Macmillian English Campus

3. When our partner acts as if they are our mom:

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He told me I wasn’t allowed to drink, swear or smoke. Which would be fair, I could deal with that. But I slipped up one day over the phone and said the f-word, and he went on to scold me like a child. “We do not swear. If we are hurting we say ouch, not bad words and if I hear that word again there will be punishment.” So I ended the call with “Yeah, eff this” and got drunk.” (Thelittleusername)

4. A first date is not a job interview, except for this guy:

“After our first and only date, he sent me a massive text about everything I did wrong in the date. The highlights include: mentioning I had been married before, not eating every bite of food on my plate, and not saying thank you. I also didn’t look at him enough.” (user margotsmix77)

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5. You Gotta Get With My Friends. Or else: 

“My ex-boyfriend told me that I devoted too much time to hang out with my best friend. At that point, I’d been best friends with her for about four years, and we’d been through a lot together. He and I had been dating for a week.”

6. That’s a good reason to reject a theory. Not.

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“I had gone on a couple of dates with a girl when she asked me to tutor her on evolution for an upcoming test. I did so, and asked her some follow up questions to make sure she was ready. She answered them all correctly, then she suddenly said “I understand it, but I don’t believe it because I don’t want it to be true.” It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in evolution, but the fact that she consciously rejected a theory because she disliked it. Whatever potential we had vanished in that instant.” (user Noviere)

No evolution for this relationship.


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