Do You Know The Reason Why Your Memory Is Failing You?

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about their memory. Even though they are young, their memory is not what it used to be. Psychologists from the Sahlgrenska Academy may have the answer.


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Swedish researchers have noticed an alarming trend. Relatively young and healthy people complain about memory loss, despite of not showing any signs of disease. So they examined a couple of hundreds persons, searching for the cause of their problem.

When tested at the hospital, these highly educated professionals proved to have their memory functions unharmed. Why were they under the impression that something was wrong with them?

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The answer is stress. When the researchers examined their daily life, they found out that they were extremely stressed, depressed or exhausted. Because they were overwhelmed by the amount of work that was asked from them, they sensed their cognitive functions declining. Some of them were even convinced they showed early signs of dementia.

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So if you worry about how your memory works, you should probably check up with a doctor. But if he rules out any degenerative problems, the answer is probably your stress ridden life. Stress affects your ability to attend, concentrate, store and retrieve information.

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We know that a stress free life is impossible nowadays. But here are some things you can try:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Taking long walks or taking your bike to work
  • Don’t skip on your sleeping hours
  • Paying more attention to your diet (recommendations include: nuts, rice, green salad, herbal tea, honey).

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