The Story Of How A Flight Attendant Became A Hero By Saving A Girl’s Life

This is the story of a flight attendant who saved a teenage girl’s life. Just by paying attention. And reacting in a timely and effective manner.

Photo credit: Wings Journal

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One day, Shelia Fedrick, an experienced flight attendant, was doing her habitual tasks. At some point, she noticed a strange couple on the plane: a well-dressed man and a young girl who seemed troubled. The contrast between the man’s elegance and the girl’s worried and shaggy appearance made her think that something was wrong.

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She asked the girl some casual questions, but it was the man who answered them. Immediately, she concluded that the girl is there against her will. She managed to whisper to the girl to go to the bathroom. She left a note for the girl and she responded. The girl needed help.

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The pilot was informed and when the plane landed, they were met by the police, who arrested the man. He proved to be part of a human trafficking network. The girl, only 15 years old at the time, had been kidnapped and was about to be sold for sexual exploitation.

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As a result of this dreadful episode, Shelia Fedrick shared her story. Now there’s a program meant to help the flight attendants to identify the signs of human trafficking.

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