This Cat Saved And Raised by a Husky Now Thinks It’s a Dog

The story of this cat clearly shows that no matter how different we are, friendships are wonderful. Of course, we also know the story of Tom&Jerry, but hey, that was fun to watch. When a kitten named Rosie was on the verge of death, she was very lucky to be found by a family of husky dogs.

Because of the care she received from Lilo, a most caring husky dog and probably the leader of the group. What Lilo also did was to take good care of the dying kitten and make her healthy again. Rosie was only 3 months old when she was saved by the huskies and had no problem with fitting in. The husky gang became her family ever since and what an incredible journey it has been. And surprise, surprise! This cat saved and raised by a husky now thinks it’s a dog!

1. If this doesn’t make your day, we don’t know what will!

Made a trip to see the lake! It was so cold, but the scenery was AMAZING😍 #liloandrosie

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2. How incredible is their story? They just can’t tell they’re different.

3. Cute kitty posing as a husky – adorable!

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4. What a lovely trio! Can you spot anything out of the ordinary? Neither can we.

Made everyone brand new button bandanas!😍 How does the crew look?😉 #liloandrosie

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5. Awwwww! Lilo and Rosie taking a nap together.

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6. We’re best friends now!

7. Morning, breakfast time! What a surreal gang!

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Preview photo credit lilothehusky / instagram