5 Undeniable Signs You’re Meant To Be Together

They say love is blind so maybe we can’t always tell if our partner is really right for us or if they’re our soulmates. Whether or not you believe in the ONE, there are a few things which indicate if you’re compatible with someone or not.

But real love goes beyond mere compatibility and obviously beyond physical attraction. Maybe the stars aligned when the two of you met or maybe your eyes sparkle every time you meet. But how do you know they’re the one you should be spending your whole life with? Here are 5 undeniable signs you’re meant to be together.

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1. You respect each other.

There’s nothing if there isn’t mutual respect and understanding. Respect may come in many forms: you can show respect for their opinions, the choices and decisions and their lifestyle. Showing empathy is just another way you tell your partner you respect them.

2. You finish each other’s sentences.

This actually happens with some couples, although it’s quite rare. And it’s not a case of having spent too much time around them so you’ve basically become the same person. It’s about knowing what’s on the other person’s mind, being one step ahead. Getting to know them and paying attention to what they’re saying.

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3. You’re not jealous.

You don’t feel any kind of jealousy because you trust them a lot. Jealousy only comes in when you’re insecure about their feelings which actually means you are insecure with yourself.

4. You share many of the same interests.

There are so many things in common you two have in common that you don’t know where to start. You have the same taste in music and movies, you are both skilled in languages, you’re passionate about the same activities, and you share the same views on society. Could you ask for more?

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5. You fight well.

No couple is immune to fighting, no matter how well they get along. But if you are able to have constructive arguments that lead to resolving your conflicts and disagreements, then you have to stay together.

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What do you think about these signs? Are you and your partner meant to be together?