The 3 Things Your Guy Wants From You (But Won’t Ask For)

Love life would be much more simple if men and women would share the same view on relationships as well as on expressing their feelings. But the reality is that they don’t and that’s why problems persist in relationships.

How do you make sure your guy will stick around for the long haul? Think about giving him these 3 things:

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1. Space

Guys do want to feel loved and receive affection as much as we do. They feel great when they get those cute lovable texts from you, but if you push them too hard and give them loads of attention, you’re going to seem clingy. And that’s what drives them crazy. Being whipped is what they hate most. When it’s not their own decision to make, of course.

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Space is important for both of you, it helps you to pursue personal goals and gives you the time to put it all in perspective. Comprehend what are his desires, what he really wants from a relationship. But you need to respect his alone time and his time with friends.

2. Protection

Even if they don’t show it, guys feel the need to be protected by their ladies. In any situation, a woman must stand up for her man and defend him. Showing public support means you’re loyal and committed to him. He will subsequently feel more emotionally attached to you, which will bring you closer and make your relationship stronger.

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3. Faith

When you don’t have faith in your man and he doesn’t make you feel safe, there’s no need to invest any more in your relationship. Faith also means to believe in him, in his strength to achieve his dreams, even if they seem impossible to attain. If they opened up to you and shared their most secret desires, you have to give them the support they need. A man wants a woman by his side to have his back even if he fails.

Now that you know what your man really wants from you, share it with your girlfriends!