3 Ways To Deepen Your Sexual Connection With Your Partner

Do you associate sex with free expression, creativity and intimacy? Studies point to a huge gap between what people long to find in sex and what they actually experience.

To bridge this gap and save yourself from disappointment, frustration and suffering, you can work towards enhancing every aspect of your love life. Here are 3 ways to turn intimacy and connection with your loved one into an art form:

1. Be friends with your partner

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Simply put, the stronger your connection with your partner, the greater the sex. There is a reason why one night stands will never measure up to the intensity of making love with someone you know, understand, and genuinely care for.

Real intimacy requires being present and giving all of you. And what better way to do that than with someone we feel safe with? Striving for a solid friendship with our partner then becomes a must for more fulfilling sex lives.

2. Connect deeply to your own body

For most of us, it’s getting harder and harder to maintain a self-care routine. Our fast-paced busy lives tend to leave us little time for processing and exploring our most inner thoughts, as well as our bodies. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to have sexually fulfilling lives with someone else until we are sexually comfortable with ourselves.

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When we create that space to care for ourselves and our bodies, we will be able to better communicate what we crave for from our partner.

3. Speak up!

Needless to say, many couples suffer from lack of communication with respect to the sexual aspect of their relationship. But of course, this extends to any emotional misunderstandings there may be. Communication is gold regardless of topic.

You must let the other person in and accept you could get hurt. When we are really putting ourselves out there and remain kind and vulnerable, we will help our partners open up too. Also, don’t be afraid to explain to them whatever it may be that turns you off.

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At the end of the day, what matters is that you surrender yourself to the outcome. You confide in your loved one and you let go by letting them take you home. And that is probably the most mutually satisfying sexual experience one can have.

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