4 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Tying The Knot

So you have a good job and some money put aside. You might even think that you have found “the one”. But does this mean you are ready to get married?


There’s no guarantee that the person who is the object of your love and devotion will not ruin your life ten years from now. But here are some important questions that you should ask yourself before getting married. It will save you a lot of time, money and heartache.

1. Are you ready to give up on perfection?

We are all flawed. The only advantage strangers have is that you won’t get to know them so closely as to have their imperfections drive you crazy. But the flaws of your partner will be there for you to handle for the rest of your life. Are you ready to sleep every night next to a snoring person? Do you accept their annoying habits as they will be compelled to accept yours? Keep in mind that there’s nobody out there who is better. They just have different flaws.

2. Are you ready to love rather than to be loved?

Marriage is a step that most of us take just to be sure that there will be somebody who is legally forced to love us. Needing acceptance, feeling anxious at the thought of being alone, being unable to love ourselves are unconscious reasons that drive us to marriage. Which is normal. But keep in mind that on your side of the deal, you have to be prepared to love as you never loved before. Intensely, maturely, creatively.

3. Are you ready to administrate a household?

Marriage is not only about emotions and unforeseen sources of joy. It’s also about managing a family along with everything that this entails. You’ve never cooked in our life and hope that you and your spouse will live on take away? You won’t. Do you think there’s a magic fairy who washes your clothes and puts them neatly in your closet? Nope, that was your mom. Consider what you can bring to the table, chores wise and do not expect your partner to do all the messy work.

4. Are you ready to become both a teacher and a student?

We don’t know everything about everything. Your partner will be more proficient than you in some important areas. You might be wiser or rational when it comes to other subjects. You have to envision yourself as the teacher of your partner. You’ll have to put in the time, the effort and the patience to teach them things that you master. And you also should be able to see yourself as a first grade student when it comes to things that life hasn’t taught yet.

Are you still confident that marriage is a good idea? Share this will your partner to let them know you are really ready!