3 Reasons Why You Should Always Forgive A Good Man

Sometimes, it’s not very easy to tell when we should stay and forgive our loved one or just walk away. We know forgiveness is the right path and the one option that will make us happier. But it’s not always that easy, especially if we’re having a hard time understanding some things about him.

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So if you are confused about whether you should forgive him or not, here are some reasons you should consider.

1. He has trouble expressing his feelings

If he doesn’t talk about emotions with as much ease as you do, that’s only because women have been conditioned to express their emotions their whole lives. Men haven’t and it’s really difficult to work on this with them, but not impossible. Just make sure you express clearly how you want the conversation to go.

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2. He doesn’t know how to comfort you

Most men love to fix things and so, if you’re in trouble, he would really like to help. But if he can’t tell what’s going on, he will start feeling frustrated. So the best thing you can do is tell him exactly what’s upsetting you because it’s hard for them to guess. Remember they can’t read your mind.

3. He shuts down when you’re angry

When he feels he’s being blamed or attacked for something he said or did, he will choose to shut down. If you don’t express your dissatisfaction with calm or regularly talk to him about what’s bothering you, you have better chances at exploding at a certain point. And getting angry towards him while accusing or hurting him will only make him defensive.

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Know when it’s time to forgive and learn together to communicate better! It’s only natural that he has some flaws, even if he’s a kind loving man.

Eventually, you decide what’s best for you and your relationship. Please share this!