Why Sensitive Men Are The BEST

Sensitive and vulnerable men seem to become a quite new breed in our modern day and age. Of course, they’ve always been around, but with the advent of women’s rights and such, men are more encouraged nowadays to express their emotions.

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Not everybody finds the alpha male attractive. In fact, research shows more and more women are finding sensitive men more attractive. Even if they may choose an alpha male partner for casual dates, they would rather go for an emotionally mature man when looking for a life partner.

This new man of our age is not afraid to show their emotional side and they’re surely not afraid to commit. They know that running away from commitment will only drive them away from a meaningful loving relationship.

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These men are strong, and yet vulnerable and cherish the vulnerable side of their male friends.

They are able to embrace both their feminine and masculine traits and appreciate women for the wonderful beings that they are. They are the empaths of the world and are extremely intuitive.

This means that when in a relationship, starting a conversation about your feelings won’t be a problem. They are great listeners and will speak up about their own emotional struggles. These men are also more attuned to your mood which makes it easier for you to communicate how you really feel.

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Allowing themselves to be sensitive and vulnerable only shows how brave they are. That’s because our society still associate these two traits with being “feminine” and “weak”. But they know that being in touch with their emotions takes strength and courage.

Not to mention they’re great lovers! Share this if you agree!