What Attracts Us To Other People At A First Sight, According To Science

No matter what everyone says, the first impression always counts. Whether it’s going out with someone we like for the first time or a job interview, first few seconds matter.

Each of us probably first pays attention to different things when meeting someone new, like their eyes or their clothing. Some wait to have a conversation before they pass a judgment on the other person.

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So when it comes to dating, what is it that people find attractive at a first sight? The study indicates the answer is different for men than for women.

The new research tells us that women find swaggering or mysterious men more attractive, rather than happy or cheerful men.

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It turns out that smiling makes a men less masculine, although it’s largely associated with peace, friendliness and non-violence. It would make sense for all of us to be more attracted by cheerful smiling faces.

But some women choose the extra dose of masculinity rendered by a brooding man gazing seriously into their eyes. They prefer the more proud or powerful look, even if it’s just a mask sometimes. Right?

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And surprise surprise: the results were exactly the opposite for women.

So according to this study recently conducted by Professor Jessica Tray and her team, men love women who are all smiles. So why do men find smiling the most attractive quality in women? Maybe because they subconsciously associate it with being more feminine.

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And the reverse is true: the least attractive for men is the confident proud woman. Hm.

The results clearly indicate that we generally associate smiling with a lack of dominance and pride with masculinity. In this sense, the study only reflects the traditional gender norms that we’ve been accustomed with.

But if you’re not that much into gender roles, you can be sexually attracted to whatever fits your personal taste. Doesn’t that make more sense? Don’t forget to pass this on!