4 Reasons Why People End Their Relationships With Partners They Still Love

When a partner chooses to end the relationship with no warning whatsoever, the consequences can be brutal. And the worst part is not knowing the reason why they left. Here are some possible explanations:

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1. They couldn’t imagine a future together

If they felt that the relationship had become a struggle and that they couldn’t communicate in a healthy way with their partner, then the future surely didn’t look promising to them.

Although there are many couples out there who eventually work out their problems, sometimes people think a certain blockage will be a permanent situation.

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2. They felt threatened by your success

A study conducted at the University of Florida shows that men begin to experience problems with their self-esteem when their partner is very successful. The reason why they can’t be truly happy for her is because they are more focused on what they haven’t achieved.

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3. They were afraid of becoming emotionally attached

We all need our space, but for men in particular this can be a real problem. Intimacy and a deep connection are fantastic just as long as they don’t feel suffocated. Men are afraid of losing their freedom and sometimes they take drastic measures such as breaking up with someone they love.

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4. They were trying to avoid pain and suffering

One basic human principle is to seek pleasure and avoid pain as much as possible. If men feel the relationship is hurting them on some level or that they can’t work out the issues at hand, they will walk away.

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