Here’s The Reason Why People In Unhappy Relationships Stay Together

Did you ever wonder why some couples break up while others choose to stay together? We all know those married couples who aren’t very satisfied with their marriage and yet still try to make it work.


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While it may still be a mystery for most of us, psychologists have a hint as to why this happens. They think it has a lot to do with assessing costs and benefits when evaluating the relationship.

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Of course, it seems a lot easier to have such a list of pros and cons when it comes to a job. But when we’re dealing with our emotions, things are more complicated and we tend to be more subjective. Or, to put it in other terms, love can make us blind. Right?

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If a partner feels they’re getting what they want out of a relationship, then they find it easier to meet their partner’s needs.

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It’s all a matter of exchange: of wants, needs, love but also energy.

If one of us decides the downsides weigh too much in the relationship, then we may find it easier to let go. But one major reason why unhappy couples don’t end the relationship is because they expect it to improve in the future.

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So, at the end of the day, it’s not only a matter of happiness. If both partners are satisfied or they feel there’s no viable alternative, then they might just stick together. Please, share this!